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Carlos Apitz is a painter and graphic designer with a long career.

He has a strong New POP Art style graphic elements, their paintings are cheerful, colorful and dynamic. Pieces that can be part of your collection or decoration.

His paintings are mixed with iconography of the American /Latin POP culture and elements of his country of origin: Venezuela. Apitz converts elements and symbols of Venezuelan culture into pieces of POP Art, using mixed techniques, where he combines pieces of conventional art with digital art and intervened prints.

Carlos Apitz exhibits frequently in galleries of Miami – Florida, also his work is for sale on the internet and in his studio. Canvas, intervened prints, clay plates and other decorative objects are the medium of his work with a very different style that pleases the eye and lovers of good art. You can contact him for classes of drawings, exhibitions, portraits and artistic commissions. Follow me / Next Exhibitions